Tsigoura Hotel in Kazaviti

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Tsigoura Hotel in Kazaviti

Mesaj necititde Igi Giani » Mie Sep 13, 2017 9:02 am

How to go in Greece for the 5th time and becoming a thief for the first time…

I really want, and I am feeling obligated to share my unpleasant experience, my first one in Greece, for everyone who will want to go and stay at the hotel we’ve booked for our first holyday with our baby.

I’ve booked for holyday, as a normal person does, our accommodation on internet. I reserved one week with several months before my holiday ( I am the type of person who is planning everything earlier, by the book, and until now I didn’t failed. Each time I’ve booked the accommodation directly by discussing with the owner.
I choose for my holyday in Greece, the beautiful Kazaviti town, Tsigoura hotel, after I have read a lot of reviews and I have checked on the internet all the possible feedbacks and information about the hotel. I have found a recommendation on the internet (from a person who was and stayed at this hotel in 2015) . I have called at the hotel and I had the pleasure to know Sokratis, the son owner of the hotel. Sokratis seemed a very friendly person, simple and modest. I have booked there two rooms one double and one apartment. I have received, in our future talks also a discount from his behalf and at that moment I really appreciate that.

I want to mention that during my efforts to find any information about his hotel, which was not so mediatized (not a bad thing) probably they want to keep it in a small family business and customer circuit. Did not bother me at all, at that time.
I have found although on a German site a bad feedback, bellow indicated with some negative info and pictures, which also did not upset me, because the info was from 2010, and I thought that maybe, during 7 years it is impossible that they did not make any improvements, so I decided to believe the most recent feedback from 2015 made by a Romanian person.

https://www.holidaycheck.de/hm/bilder-v ... /m/picture

On the original site of the hotel (www.kazaviti-thassos.gr), the accommodation looked splendid in the pictures. The perfect place for us to combine the seaside with the mountain, together. The place looked in the pictures, as you can see, clean, traditional accommodated, also with a beautiful pool.
I imagined the perfect holyday with my baby who was almost 8 months old, also with my wife, parents and my mother-in-law.
Everything seemed perfect, the recommendations, the pictures from the site, the town and, in the end, Sokratis. Everything changed when we arrived there. After a 12 hours of driving we arrived at the hotel.
The road until the hotel surprised me a little bit, but it was normal with the area (rooky road). At our arrival I had the pleasure to know Sokratis in person. A normal guy, a family man, everything seemed ok at that moment.
But in the moment that I saw the hotel, I start to doubt a lot of things, my perspective changed immediately. The hotel was in a bad shape, the most of the things were broken, the hotel looked like is deteriorating. Believe me!!! I tried to express myself in that moments with what I saw, but it’s hard to find the words. A bad feeling and disappointment I had to find something that seemed very pleasant in pictures on a beautiful site, but totally different in a bad way, the reality was very far away from what we expected.
But everything became worse at the moment that I saw the rooms of the apartment where we would have stayed with the baby.
When you see a room on a very structured site, not something fancy, you really do not think to find something unpleasant, something full of moulding, bathroom smelling like urine, furniture, it is modest to say old, of course that all of these information were not specified on the site or indicated from the owner. The surroundings of the hotel were also not taking care of and in bad shape, the conditions that were indicated on the German site, unplanned and left in the decay, with old mattresses at sight to see, old armchair, very creepy.
I don’t have anything against the opinion of Sokrates or other persons that made positive reviews, about his family business. His trying to make a living of this business like the rest of us, but I just want to share my feedback about what happened to us and how was our experience.
What I try to say is that he did not indicated or updated his site the bad accommodation that he offers. From his behalf he clearly has a good opinion about his hotel. And that its normal to think about his business.

But it’s normal to judge the condition when you are selling something that in the reality does not exist.
My whole family was shocked, I was shocked in the same time, my wife start crying, after a 12 hours road.
I am very sorry that in that point, being shocked and stressed that I had only few hours left by the night to find other accommodation for my family, I didn’t make any pictures, and all that we wanted was to get out of there. So giving the fact that I could not stayed there with my baby - first of all because of the mold on the walls, and second of all because of the dirty conditions inside the room - we decided to go to find another place to stay. At that moment we have already paid him an advance for 2 nights for the double room and for an apartment, so there were nothing wrong to leave. And so my holiday began by making about 50 telephones at 50 hotels and to find accommodation, by literally going from door to door to find a place to stay with my baby boy and my family, that were tired, in the car, after a long road of 12 hours.
This was the top priority for us and nothing else mattered, and the main reason why I left, was because the conditions that Sokrates sold me ( and he believed that are ok) they were not at all.
So by going from door to find myself and my family an accommodation, I have found it on the other part of the island, at 9 o’clock in the evening, it was almost dark outside. After all of this, when I opened my internet on the phone, I have found received from Sokrates on my Facebook messenger the text bellow:

‘’ Igi if you didnt like the rooms or something like that the right thing was to come in the restaurant and discus it with me and find a solution.You could stay for the days that you paied but you prefered to leave like you are a thief becouse you know that you had to pay for the half days.You didnt apreciate that i made a better price for you,you didnt apreciate my friendship and you left without say anything.I am sorry for you Igi.I will give your car numbers and your name to all the hotels and i will give also your name and your car numbers to the police and to the harbor police.I am very sorry for booking rooms for you in my hotel becouse you are a man without honor.You are a thief my friend.I will wait until 6 o clock in the afternoon.If i have no response i go to police...YGY ,,

Me a thief!!! With my 2 days payment in advance, I became a thief in Greece by running from his hotel. I am letting you, as a client to try to have your own conclusion about this situation.
This is happening when you are being scammed by the person who is selling illusions to his possible future customers!
From the bottom of my heart I want to suggest to all of you to think twice before you consider to go to this place. Especially if you have a baby or children.
As a final conclusion:
I lost 2 days of my holyday, and also my family did, and 240 Euro that I had never asked back (50 Euro/day for the double room and 60 Euro/day for the apartment), an advance payment for being “ignorant, foolish and a thief”.
You, the next possible client, withdraw the conclusion and think yourself very good before you choose your place for your holyday.

Sincerely, as a lover of the Greece I am thinking twice if I am going to spend again another holiday on Thassos Island.

Just be aware! Very often we get only one long holyday per year, and I do not think anybody would like to spend it like us.

I am open to anybody how wants information about this place.
Igi Giani

Re: Tsigoura Hotel in Kazaviti

Mesaj necititde April » Mie Sep 13, 2017 10:22 am

Thank you for your review, very usefull to avoid such a place!
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